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What We Do

For over 46 years, Tru has partnered with retailers and brands to capitalize on the enormous category potential of fragrance and beauty. By offering creative and nimble design, sourcing and financing, we’ve helped transform retailers into lifestyle destinations with must-have beauty offerings. The result is delighted, dedicated consumers - and highly profitable, recurring cash flows.

Our tailored approach allows for a unique client list spanning from iconic global retailers to innovative upstarts.

Seamless global inventory management and distribution has made us an optimal partner for large-scale retailers, while our flexibility offers the reactivity and speed-to-market needed in today’s fast-paced fashion world.

Our offices in New York and Chicago house design, marketing, finance, quality and distribution resources. Satellite offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver and Boston offer convenience for our clients and a deeper connection to national market trends.

Our long-term sourcing and manufacturing partners are located in the U.S., Canada, India, and China.

Tru Capabilities



We craft meaningful stories that connect with consumers, developing equities that go beyond the bottle to create long-lived brands.


Design + Development

From engineering to illustration, olfactive development to formulation, our experts create outstanding product.


Manufacturing + Logistics

With a network of global sourcing, on-site quality control, and worldwide logistics, we offer flexible solutions for today’s fast-paced market.



From traditional and digital expertise, to sales associate training and in-store experience, our suite of services is tailored to your opportunity.