Development Process

Private label fragrance brands continue to grow and flourish as more and more retail brands discover that fragrances are a high-turn, high-margin product that build immediate badge value for their brand and increase basket size. At Tru Fragrance, we will not only help you build your fragrance brand, we will help you differentiate your private label fragrances from competitor landscape so you can create a thriving product portfolio. As a premier private label fragrance manufacturer, we can provide you with all the following services:
  • Market Research – That uses qualitative and quantitative data and our collective intuitive sense to to help you hit the bulls-eye with your approach
  • Business Intelligence – That clearly defines the category, the competition and the consumer profile
  • Product Development – That helps you select the packaging and olfactive characteristics of your unique private label men’s cologne and private label women’s perfume
  • Design – That brings your product alive visually and gives it shelf appeal
  • Merchandising – That motivates the consumer to buy in the last three feet of the sale
  • Marketing – That builds awareness, consideration, trial and purchase
  • Operational Excellence – That insures product flow is consistent and inventories are maintained to meet demand
View our private brands product portfolio here. To learn more about our private label fragrance development process, please contact Tru Fragrance today.