How we
do it.

We make it easy. Our distinctive approach has supported brands and retailers reach their maximum potential for over fifty years. We create a completely customized strategy based on the ever-evolving, long-term needs of our clients, managing relationships with our unmatched infrastructure of global partners.

With main offices located in New York and Chicago; satellite offices in Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, London, and Dallas; and sourcing and manufacturing partners in the United States, Italy, Canada, India, and China, we have the architecture to support your business from anywhere.


World class talent.

Our global team comes from a breadth of industries, allowing for dynamic thinking and creative problem solving. With backgrounds spanning both the large and entrepreneurial sectors of beauty, fashion, marketing, investment banking and information technology, each employee brings their unique experience and perspective to tru. By tapping into the individual knowledge of each specific talent, we’ve empowered a best-in-class team dedicated to the lasting success and continued growth of tru and our partners.

Our leadership team